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Thick turret tooling BRIDGE

Thick turret tooling  BRIDGE

Thick turret tooling  BRIDGE

1:Bridge width must larger than 1.5 times sheet thickness, Bridge width must larger than 1.8mm.
2:Must leave enough unload time when program.
3:The tools are designed according to the sheet thickness which provided by customers, so it can not process different sheet thickness.
4:Please notice the min. distance between the bridge-hole, we can design single brige and double brige tools and forming top surface can be flat and arc .
5:Forming height: M.S. and Al are 1.5 times sheet thickness, S.S. is 2 times, because of different sheet ductility.
6:Bridge has light sunken after forming, if thin sheet is narrow and long.

Thick turret tooling  BRIDGE

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